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Should I have a Personal Statement on my CV? 5 quick points to consider…

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One of the questions I’m often asked is whether or not a personal statement is important on a CV. As a Senior Recruiter, my view is that a personal statement on a CV is not necessary and here’s why:


1.      It limits space on your CV where actual experience and most importantly achievements can be highlighted


2.      Many recruiters (including me), do not spend a lot of time reading personal statements.  Having asked a lot of companies the same question when reviewing potential CVs,  their feedback is much the same


3.      I’ve never heard of anyone not being invited to interview because there is no personal statement / profile on their CV and if anything, a weak  personal statement / profile could actually damage your chances of obtaining an interview


4.      The “catch-all” statement is tired and potential employers get fed up hearing from people who can work well on their own and as part of a team! It is also a given that you are a good communicator!


5.      If a personal statement or profile is used, it has to be changed each time you apply for a job which is time consuming and especially confusing if you have the wrong personal profile used for the wrong job. This is something I’ve seen on a number of occasions and it doesn’t show any attention to detail


While this list of reasons is an opinion, I would recommend that if you feel your CV is not the same without your statement or profile try thinking about listing achievements. This is especially valid at senior / executive level. Key highlights which highlight what you’ve already achieved will look a lot better than banging on about how driven you are. Best thing to do is prove it by showcasing what you’ve accomplished.


I hope this is helpful.




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