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Client FAQs

What is the difference between contingency and retained search?

Contingency search is when a recruitment consultancy carries out a search for suitable applicants for a role and charges a fee on a success only basis.

When a recruitment consultancy is retained, there is an upfront cost for this service. These costs can differ from recruiter to recruiter and often is split into 3 payments of equal amounts. This will typically be one third on retention, one third on provision of a suitable short list and one third on the successful introduction of a suitable candidate for the vacancy.

What is Zed’s pricing model for retained search?

We need to understand your requirements before advising on the best method to source candidates. Given the recruitment market in which we operate, we are often looking for “hard to find skills” therefore much of the preparatory work for this type of search is done through research in the market place and talent mapping. While Zed does have a large network, specific assignments can require hours of research.

Typically, Zed charges for this research on an hourly basis so that your recruitment budget can be managed.

Zed also charges for the approaches made or “headhunts” for candidates and this can be charged per hour or per person.

The largest element of the cost is when an offer is made and accepted and you have found the right candidate for your role.

What if the hiring company knows which candidate(s) they would like to target?

In many cases, the clients that we work with know their target shortlist and do not wish to make and do not wish to be seen to make a direct approach. In these circumstances, Zed acts as a third party and can carry out this work on your behalf.

What is a candidate driven market?

Quite simply, a candidate driven market is when the demand for talent outweighs the supply. This is certainly true of the markets in which Zed operates and makes the need to find different ways of finding the hidden (and usually passive) talent so compelling.

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