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Interview advice

We know from experience that no two interviews are the same, just as no two candidates are identical. So we avoid dispensing the same tired guidelines and instead offer interview advice tailored specifically for you.

Interview techniques and assessment tools can vary hugely between companies, for example, many financial services organisations use different types of competency based interviews but these can differ from one company to another.

Some organisations prefer more informal meetings so we really do not feel that it is our place to impart ‘one size fits all advice’. We would therefore rather speak to you individually about the type of interview to expect.

Organising Your Interview

If you are being represented by us, we will make all your interview arrangements whether it be for a face to face interview or by telephone or video conference.

Flexibility is important here. We will try to give you as much notice as possible for an interview and provide you with date/time options; however it is important that you try to fit in to the schedule particularly when there are a number of applicants going through this process too.

All interview arrangements will be confirmed by us in writing to both you and the company where you are interviewing.

We will let you know what type of meeting to expect. We will also give you as much information about the company and the type of people you will meet during the hiring process. Of course if we have any words of wisdom we will let you know however we do expect you to do your own research before an interview.

There are times when even experienced professionals get nerves and we can offer advice to help with your interview performance on the day

After the interview, there should be a lot of feedback from everyone involved. It is important that you give us your views and of course any questions before returning to the interviewer for their opinion. With this information, we can all agree the next steps.

Tips for an interview

Everyone gets nervous before an interview so don't think you're the only one. While much of the interview will be dependent on the way the interviewer conducts the meeting, there are things you can do yourself to help improve your confidence and chances of success:

  • Fully researching the company and the interviewer(s)
  • Re-read your CV and try to anticipate questions about your experience
  • Make notes in advance of any queries you may have about the role or the company and their culture
  • If you know you get anxious in these kind of interview situations then try to minimise your stress levels by researching and perhaps practising your route to the interview location before your appointed time