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Contract, Temporary or Fixed Term Contract work

There are many types of jobs out there which could offer you more flexibility and quicker turnaround times. We can help you identify which are of these approaches are suitable for you.

Contract work

Self- employed/ limited company status allows the opportunity to work with a range of companies on specific projects and can involve leading or being part of a specialist team.

  • Many contractors find that this is the optimum way to operate due to its flexibility, autonomy and improved work/life balance.
  • Contractors can earn a lot more money compared to a permanent worker 
  • Contracts vary in length however they are normally for at least 3 months and can extend to 12 months and more
  • You will be made aware of the length of the contract in advance and may wish to take time off between contracts
  • By working as a contractor you will gain more experience quickly thus enhancing your daily rate

Temporary work

Temporary work is often an option for you for a variety of reasons however for many people this is also a career choice.

Temporary work can also add excellent experience to your CV and often leads to an offer of permanent employment with the benefit of having already worked for the organisation. 

Fixed term contract

A fixed term contract, or 'FTC', is often an option taken by clients when there is a need for shorter term recruitment assistance and expertise during a project or to cover for long term maternity or sickness.

  • FTCs offer a high chance of becoming a permanent role, particularly within financial services
  • You will know in advance the approximate length of the contract and you will be employed directly by the recruiting company however most FTCs last at least 3 months
  • You will normally be required to sign a contract of employment with the company and a notice period will be put in place
  • Although you will be put on that company’s payroll and not working on Zed’s payroll, we are still on hand to assist and help you find your next role at the end of your FTC if required

If you are new to contracting, please contact us and we can give you additional straightforward advice.